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The Corner Laughers Release "Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)" Video

Extra Extra: It is with great enthusiasm that The Corner Laughers announce the arrival of a singular motion picture event. “Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)”, available in both stereopticon and monopticon for your consideration, is an ode to the last Passenger Pigeon. Filmed at great expense through the use of a time machine invented by eccentric professor Ray Lin in his Palo Alto, CA home, you will thrill to the sights and sounds of the very latest in Vaudeville entertainments as the light filters through the alum bath to your own personal movie house in the palm of your hand.

 The Corner Laughers announce the video release of single “Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)” off their recently released album Matilda Effect.  Melding ragtime music with upbeat electric guitar riffs and sweet female lead vocals, “Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)” takes listeners back a century to mourn the loss of the world’s last passenger pigeon while celebrating the look and sound of the age.

Mixing archive footage with new recordings, The Corner Laughers perform as if they belong to the vaudeville stage in their newest video. A blend of sad, poignant lyrics and energetic, upbeat sounds and scenes, “Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)” reminds viewers of the First World War era and delivers an environmental message along with its jazzy and jaunty silent-film look.

Tour Dates

07.03: Shine, Sacramento, CA
07.25: The Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA
07.31: Devil's Canyon Brewery, San Carlos, CA
08.22: The Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, CA
08.27: Conor Byrne Pub, Ballard, WA
08.28: Portland Abbey Arts, Portland, OR
08.29: Music Millenium, Portland, OR

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