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Why Your iPhone Could Be Killing Your Buzz

by Sarah L. Wilson

There is a time and a place for those fuzzy snaps your buddies take with their phones.  You know the ones that are taken then immediately uploaded to social media with mundane quotes like:  “My boys, killing it at the club” or “Dude…check out Bob’s mad guitar skills”.
These shots may get a retweet or two, usually by the same people who also “liked” your picture of lunch, your flat tire and of course…your after show beer.  These shots may get you attention…but they’re probably not going to get you noticed.  Why?

photo by Sarah L Wilson

1)     They look amateurish, which makes you look amateurish.  

2)    There’s nothing unique about them.  Remember ‘folks who matter’ are flipping through the dozens of sites they get in a day and you’ve got three seconds to stand out. Still think that iPhone snap is enough?

3)    You can’t do anything but social media with them. Low quality/file size makes them useless except to post to social media.  No flyers, posters, album artwork, etc. Not even for an EPK are these types of photos considered “acceptable” by the vast majority of ‘folks who matter.'

4)    Your focus should be on your music, not your pictures.  A photographer is there for one reason:  to make you look fantastic without you having to worry about it.
You’re ready to submit that demo, approach that PR group or apply for that slot in a festival.  If you’re lucky enough that these folks take the time to pull up your Facebook/Webpage, do you want a dozen fuzzy, mediocre shots that look OK staring back at them?  Or would you rather blow them away with a brilliantly shot, professional photo set that reflects the commitment you have to your project?  A photo set that in those precious three seconds will get you noticed.

The Wombats, Photo by Sarah L Wilson

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Sarah Wilson is a photographer residing in Pittsburgh, PA whose passion for music and photography have sent her around the world in a quest to bring sounds and vision together. For more than ten years, Sarah has aimed her lens with a unique and distinctive view.  Sarah specializes in portrait, live and documentary work for bands and musicians.  Her portrait work searches for the soul of the music and the heart of the musician and aims to bring those elements to the surface in distinctive ways.  Sarah’s live music photography captures seconds between the beats, the moments that define the essence of a live show, not just the flying hair on the downbeat.  Her work has been featured on music and magazine websites, various artist social media and artist sites for exclusive shoots.

Favorite genre:  Britpop, indie pop, indie folk

Gear:  Nikon D7100, backup D5100 Nikon speedlight and tripod…keep it simple!
Favorite Lens:   Sigma 17-70mm

Favorite shoot: Festivals!  I love shooting music festivals. There are so many great bands, some of them new to me, and the lighting is always good. I always walk away from a festival exhausted...and exhilarated with the inspiration to keep shooting, keep finding new music and new opportunities!

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