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Take Your Facebook Engagement to the Next Level (For Free!)

Last week I discussed how you could use Facebook to your advantage by creating a fan group in addition to your page. By creating a private group for your fans, you can create an exclusive environment where only your most loyal fans have access to the material inside the group.

This would mean less people seeing the information, but they are also the most likely to support your crowdfunding campaigns, go to your shows, and buy your album or merchandise. At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to expose the material to a couple dozen or hundred fans when you have ten to 20 times the amount following you on your Facebook fan page or Twitter.

Think about it from this perspective: How many of these fans are going to your shows? How many are buying your merchandise and supporting your crowdfunding campaign? Most likely it’s the same percentage who would be in your group and that’s why it’s important to invite those people, support them in return, and make them feel special.

Creating a group takes direct-to-fan to the next level by creating a social network where they can discuss their favorite topic -- YOU -- with a network of likeminded people.

I own a publicity company, so it’s my company’s job to spread music through the power of blogs, radio and print media outlets; however, I also know how powerful word of mouth truly can be. When you create a network of likeminded people, that excitement becomes infectious and next thing you know they are telling all their friends about this great band.

Remember: What happens in a group rarely remains contained within that group. You build an excitement not only with your music, but also within the community itself. You are giving your fans a tribe to be part of by allowing them to connect with each other via your music, which takes connection and engagement to the next level. Now not only are they connecting and engaging with you, but they are also doing the same with other fans, which can grow your band’s engagement exponentially. Fans will find themselves talking to friends outside of the group about how much they love your band and how they were able to receive a sneak peek of your next song. That exclusive nature creates excitement outside of the group, because the soon to be fans want to learn what you are all about and will potentially follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook to discover what that is.

Green Light GO: Create a list of fans from your newsletter, Twitter and Facebook who you’d like to invite to your Facebook group.

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