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Is It Time to Quit Facebook?

It’s no mystery the challenges bands face with Facebook these days. Is it worth spending your time focusing on a network where fans can’t see your posts unless you invest advertising dollars to draw them there?

Yes, but not in the way you may think. There are two major ways you can still use Facebook to benefit your band.

I mentioned the first way in a previous article detailing why the industry may not be discovering you based on your Facebook profile. The truth is that Facebook is still a go to for most people in the industry and it’s ultimately about the perception you create. Read the article “What’s Keeping the Music Industry from Discovering You?” for tips on how to create a great first impression.

A great first impression may not change fan engagement, but there is a way to improve that as well. Deadmau5 recently launched his own subscription fan site, Deadmau5Live. Fans can have access to exclusive content they can’t receive anywhere else, including chats with Deadmau5 himself. By signing up for free, fans have access to message boards, select status updates and photos, and merch and music for sale. The diehard fan can subscribe for just $4.99 per month or $44.99 annually to receive access to exclusive music, videos, photos and live chats with Deadmau5.

This settles two issues emerging bands currently face: making money for their band and the limit of fan engagement on a Facebook fan page.

Deadmau5 has created a dynamic fan club outside of the traditional social networks, but you can easily create your own fan club within the social structure of a Facebook group.

Green Light Go has an invite-only Facebook group called Green Light Grow which is a resource for bands and industry people to work together, share their music, and really grow their band and businesses. We purposely keep it very exclusive to make sure we have the type of bands and industry people consistent with our brand, both musically and with the mindset of giving back and supporting each other.

So let’s say you take your super fans from your newsletter, Facebook fans and twitter followers, and invite them to be part of a special group. Here is where you can offer sneak peeks of songs you wouldn’t want the public to see, but would trust with your very special advisors. Take an album for instance, as I’ve drilled down from week to week, you have to work three-four months in advance of a release to meet media deadlines. What if you leaked out songs solely to the group that the media didn’t see? Or let group members hear snippets of what you are working on in the studio? Working on a video and would like feedback from your fans before it goes live? Take it there.

It’s your choice. You can play the same chord about how your band makes no money and no one sees your Facebook page or you can look at ways to use Facebook to your advantage and see what magic occurs.

Green Light GO: Set up a Facebook group exclusive to your band or record label here. Next week I’ll give the advantages of creating a Facebook group for your fans.

Sharing is Caring: Know someone frustrated with Facebook and the lack of people seeing their posts? Send them this article.

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