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5 Tips to Selling Music Online from Ditto Music

Selling music online has become one of the fastest and cheapest ways of making Lee Parsonsrevenue from your music.  Here are 5 tips to make sure that your online release is successful. 

1. Use the correct codes
Your music needs to be encoded correctly. You need barcodes /ISRC codes and catalogue numbers. These should be given free to you when you upload your music. If you have been assigned ISRC codes from your mastering engineer then you will be able to enter these during the upload process.

 2. Distribute Your Music As Widely As Possible
You will be surprised how many people do not just buy their music from iTunes. Sites like rdio, we7 , Rhapsody have millions of subscribers and potential new fans. Make it as easy as possible for people to discover your music

3. Use proper artwork
Artwork will be the first visual impression that a music buyer will have. Try and avoid photo shopped images or anything that makes your release look cheap. Itunes specifications are 1000x1000 at 300dpi. 

 4. Use Pre Release
Pre release means that fans can order your music before the release date. Ed Sheeran’s album + was recently on pre order for 3 months while he toured the US. All of those sales counted for his first week of sales and he went straight in at number 5 on billboard.

5. Do not stop promoting your music on your release date

Although release date is important, remember that your music is online for sale indefinitely. Bands like Mumford and Sons have promoted the same album for 5 years. Have a good long term plan of attracting fans and increasing your digital sales.

Lee Parsons


Founder Ditto Music

Ditto Music is an online distribution specialist for over 40,000 artists. If you are a DIY musician looking for independent and digital music distribution, find out how you can have your music distributed and set up your own record label at Ditto Music.



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  1. Janelle, on Jun 26, 01:06 PM, wrote:

    Thanks for the great tips Lee! Many of these apply to running a successful publicity campaign as well. We also need the music properly coded so that it will drop into itunes correctly and show the details of the record.

    If a journalist doesn’t know what he’s listening to he can’t write about it, so it’s important the artist name, album title and song title show up.

    Cover art and a cd with a spine are also important if sending a physical copy. Journalists receive so many CDs if you send a burned copy with no contact information, it will either be thrown away immediately because they don’t want to deal with it or it will end up lost in a stack of CDs.

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