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Staff Infection: Why Does It Always Rain on Me? Brit Pop Style

I’ve been known to be called an Anglophile in my day. The truth is, I do love a British accent and I have gone through phases where Brit pop is the only thing you’ll catch me listening to. I get the sneaking suspicion Fran Healey from Travis thought I was stalking him at one point. What can I say? I just wanted that perfect pic and it took a few tries to get it. So, considering it was another rainy day when I wrote this and I was bracing myself for another power outage where I’m forced to light my gas stove, place everything in my fridge in a cooler and *gasp* possibly have to wash my clothes in the bathtub, it seems only appropriate to begin this Staff Infection with “Why Does it Always Rain on Me?” And because those Brits know how to deal with a good downpour this should be in their honor.

  1. Travis, “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?”
  2. Ross and the Wrongens, “That Magic Feeling”
  3. HAL, “Keep Love as Your Golden Rule”
  4. Richard Ashcroft, “A Song for Lovers”
  5. Belle & Sebastian, “Step into My Office Baby”
  6. The Stone Roses, “I Wanna Be Adored”
  7. Blur, “Girls & Boys”
  8. Fanfarlo, “I’m a Pilot”
  9. The Delays, “You and Me”
  10. Franz Ferdinand,  “Do You Want To”
  11. The Magic Numbers, “Mornings Eleven”
  12. Teenage Fanclub, “Songs from Northern Britain”
  13. The Beatles, “I’m Only Sleeping”

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