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Wake up crusty eyes it's Monday and the world is awaiting your presence. With a heavy heart we all have to make that plunge from bed to vehicle and begin our respective weeks. For me personally the Monday drive to work or school can be one of longing, that is longing for my bed and comforter. Time to shake it off and drive to work! With music to guide you all is possible.


Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family- "Slow Slow Slow"

Darron Korb- "Mother, I'm Here"

Adele- "Don't You Remember"

Tony Sly- "Via Munich"

Joe Henry- "Death To The Storm"

Freelance Whales- "Generator (First Floor)"

Robyn- "Dancing On My Own"

Stars in Coma- "Dismantle Your Heart"

Robyn- "Indestructible"

The Sound of Arrows- "Wonders"

Robyn- "Call Your Girlfriend"

The Sound of Arrows- "Into The Clouds"

Darren Korb- "Setting Sail, Coming Home"


From Indie Rock to Power Pop let these songs uplift that tired soul.

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Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

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Janelle is the owner of Green Light Go. When she's not spreading the word on her favorite bands she can usually be found riding her road bike through Michigan, designing super hip clothes or analyzing people much to their dismay.
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