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Staff Infection: Gettin' Ripped

Is your New Year's Resolution to get in shape and get back to the gym still holding up? If so, great! If not, here's some encouragement! Seems like everyone's gearing up for 2012 and going out for a run. Heck, even Bon Iver's doing it. So this is my little way of helping out. It's my own mix of favorite tunes at the gym. It makes those long workouts much more tolerable, so hopefully it'll be the same for you!

So if your resolution is going strong and you'd like a change of tunes, or your resolution has fallen by the wayside and you need a little nudge back to the gym, this will help!


  1. Enter Shikari - "Sssnakepit"
  2. The Black Keys - "Your Touch"
  3. MGMT - "Electric Feel"
  4. The Walkmen - "The Rat"
  5. Leopold and His Fiction - "Lion's Share"
  6. Four Year Strong - "Find My Way Back"
  7. The Hives - "Hate To Say I Told You So"
  8. Justice - "Civilization"
  9. Sleigh Bells - "Tell 'Em"
  10. Spoon - "The Underdog"
  11. Set Your Goals - "Mutiny!"
  12. Gangstagrass - "Give It Up"
  13. The White Stripes - "Blue Orchid"
  14. Foo Fighters - "Bridge Burning"
  15. Zomboy - "Pump It Up"
  16. Talib Kweli - "Good To You"
  17. Porter Robinson - "Unison (Knife Party Remix)"


Listen to the whole thing over here at Spotify, and be sure to take it with you next time you go out for a run!


If Bon Iver can tour constantly and still find the time to work out, so can you!

Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

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