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Staff Infection: Behind the Wheel

Lately, I've been doing a lot of driving. Since the world is getting smaller, the territory that we all have to deal with seems to be getting that much bigger.  I don't mind, I love the road. But not without some songs to keep me sane.

Do Make Say Think- In Mind

Real Estate- It's Real

The Bats- Flowers & Trees

Lord Huron- The Stranger

Sufjan Stevens- Chicago

The Walkmen- Postcards From Tiny Islands

Modest Mouse- Life Like Weeds

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library- Amylee

The Growlers- Old Cold River

American Football- Honestly?


May these tunes get you to your final destination.

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Janelle is the owner of Green Light Go. When she's not spreading the word on her favorite bands she can usually be found riding her road bike through Michigan, designing super hip clothes or analyzing people much to their dismay.
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