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Social Stance Saturday: Your Vote is Your Voice (by Nickel&Rose)

Nickel&Rose are a musical duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are breaking barriers with their music by diving into the history and roots of Americana music. They explore themes that involve highlighting the influence of African music on American music, and you can hear that on their single, "Americana". But today, they are talking about representation in a new way. Read their social stance below! 

In states like our home, Wisconsin, there has been an active effort to make voting as difficult as possible. In our song “Americana” we address representation in the music industry but lack of representation in the government is where many cultural and social problems begin. America is not a country made up of only wealthy people although more and more laws are benefiting them and disenfranchising the rest of us and it’s time we have a government that is a better reflection of its citizens. 

We want to emphasize the importance of voting in upcoming and all elections. You’re not just voting for your self, you’re voting for the well being of an entire society. 

We love you all. 
Click here to get involved and make your vote count. 
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