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Social Stance Saturday: Where, Oh Where Have The Libraries Gone?


Hi everyone! My name is Bri Bondy, and I am the publicity assistant here at Green Light Go! I am going to kick off Social Stance Saturday, which we are launching at GLG. It is our way to hear and learn about important issues/causes/etc. from the voices of people who care about them. My social stance is on the lack of public school librarians/libraries, and how this is affecting literacy in youth.

Reading can be such a big part of a child’s life. What about those children who turn into adults who still love books, love to read and want to make a career out of it? Librarians have disappeared. Our government is getting rid of library workers in schools. School libraries are not a priority in the educational system. To me, this is a problem. The general lack of full-time, qualified library workers in public schools directly affects the literacy of young children in public schools. How are kids going to read if they don’t have a trained professional guiding them in the right direction? Or worse, what if their school doesn’t have a library at all?

Learn about the socioeconomic repercussions and factors that this has on young children and hard-working librarians by reading the full article here.

Since the great recession in 2008, when public school library jobs and programs were greatly reduced, the employment rate has gone back up. However, these programs have yet to recover.

This is happening all over the United States. Some states are facing greater losses than others. I live in Michigan and recently read in Bridge Michigan that: “Michigan ranks 47th in the nation in the ratio of students to certified school librarians. Michigan schools have one certified librarian for every 3,077 students.” So, this is particularly infuriating to me.


For other fellow Michiganders, or just people who care about libraries in general, you can read THAT full article here. It’s a good one. Shocking, but good.

You may be asking, “Why does Bri care about this?”. I will tell you! I have a degree in English Language & Literature. LITERATURE! I LOVE to read. I have loved reading and writing since I could remember. I spent my childhood with my face in a book and my butt on a chair at the library. My childhood book collection is one of my greatest possessions, and some of my most vivid imagination and memories were formed and still reside in my experiences of reading children’s (and then Young Adult, and now any kind of) literature. To know the way the world of reading changed my life. To think of how so many young kids aren’t getting that opportunity to get lost in the world of reading, or to find themselves in a book, is truly heartbreaking. 


Here is how YOU can get involved:

Clearly, kids are not getting the library experience in school that they should be. Click here to get an amazing list of ten book charities that give kids all over the WORLD a bigger, brighter opportunity to read and improve and expand literacy in youth.


To learn more about me, head to the “about” section of the GLG website!

Or feel free to send me an email at

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