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Social Stance Saturday: All For One and... None For All (by Red Moses of Callow)

Red Moses is one part of the San Francisco Bay duo, Callow. Their self-described "dream doom" style of music takes the listener deep into the depths of emotion, and their upcoming album, Mothdust, is a prime example. Four years in the making, Callow grappled with the injustices in today's society, and used it as fuel to complete the album, and now Red Moses is here to further express these feelings as a Social Stance Saturday participant. Read his blog post below: 

The ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor is a real sore spot for us. The majority of the power in the U.S. is held by people who are so rich that they don't have to conform to the system we live in; people who don't rely on public transportation, scrape for rent, or worry about health care costs, and so on. These people should not be able to make decisions for the overwhelming majority of the population, and yet they do. More money should not mean you get more say. If anything, it should be the opposite.

 The rich already have enormous luxuries provided to them through the exploitation of desperate workers in our country, and abroad. (Let's not forget that many wealthy people became that way through inheritance, land ownership, etc. - a luxury that many people were historically kept from, and may never have the ability to afford).

 Much of our album, Mothdust, is based on these kinds of cultural/social inconsistencies. Our song, “Always About The Ones Who Have It All” was inspired by someone we knew personally - an unfortunate man who was used by people of great privilege to help them in their money-making ventures. He was treated like a fool, and then thrown away after he finished many months of back-breaking work. It was depressing to witness. He was hospitalized afterward, without a penny to his name.

 It’s difficult to blame everything on the privileged party in this situation, but the reality is that our system supports this kind of behavior. It is the same attitude that enables the privatized prison system, our insane dependence on oil, and so on.

 Greed is far too motivational to guide us in an ethical fashion. When people can throw each other away without consequence, it seems they often times will.

 A good start would be to eliminate corporate money in politics. End Citizens United, and vote for candidates who refuse to take campaign contributions from corporations and super pacs.

 I personally don't see any reason not to give rich people a choice: Your money, or your ability to sway the system (power). You shouldn't have both. In fact, as a society, we'd do ourselves a favor by suspending a persons voting privileges while they enjoy being a multi-millionaire. It seems like a fair trade for the luxuries they swim in, and they are too far removed from everyday culture to be making policy for everyone.



Be sure to catch up with Callow on Spotify, Twitter and Facebook. And look out for their new album, Mothdust, out October 19.

Callow, From L to R is: Sami Knowles and Red Moses

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