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Social Stance Saturday: Go With the Flow: How Climate Change Impacts Your Everyday Life (by James Rose)


James Rose is an LA-based artist who draws inspiration from art, philosophy, and nature. His new EP came out on July 27th and is titled, Lullabies to the Ocean. James clearly holds the ocean in a special place in his heart, and that is why this social stance explores the bigger picture of the little things we do that directly affect climate change and ocean pollution. 

The mellow sound of the ocean is embedded into the musical palette that makes up Lullabies to the Ocean, and the thought that humans can both appreciate the earth this way and turn it into art, while also harming it, is very alarming. 

This article from the Smithsonian is a great outline of the things humans do every day from the food we buy, the fertilizer we use for our yard or how we do our laundry, and how we can change these things to reduce our direct, yes DIRECT impact on the oceans and our climate in general.

Like the article says, "all water is connected", and we forget that. Small changes, big difference. 


Listen to James Rose's EP, Lullabies to the Ocean, and imagine what it would sound like if there were no ocean for him to admire the way he clearly does. Follow James on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify!



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