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Road Trip! Gwyneth & Monko

Gwyneth & Monko give new meaning to the term "road warriors." In seven weeks, they play 38 shows in 13 states. With all that time on the road, it gives time to pursue other interests to pass the time. Gwyneth Moreland has found a great way to pay tribute to the venues they've played with her sketches below.


4/19/11 - Los Angeles, CA - Villains Tavern
With a great staff and growing music scene, Villains Tavern is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to play in LA.






4/21/11 - Santa Fe, NM - The Cowgirl BBQ
Now a regular stop on our tours in the southwest, The Cowgirl BBQ is always a blast. This time, we made one of our youngest fans yet - Lucy! Thanks for all the dancing and for convincing your parents to support our cause!




4/22/11 - Taos, NM - Eske's Brew Pub

The combination of refreshing green chile beer along with tasty green chile stew always makes us break a sweat right before show time. This being our fourth time at Eske's, we always enjoy this cozy spot where we do a special all-acoustic three hour show (which also makes us sweat).



4/23/11 - Durango, CO - Mangrum House Concert at Mockinbird Valley

It is hard to describe how good it makes us feel to have old friends offer to host us and open their home for an intimate concert. Thank you to Bill and Valerie Mangrum as well as all of their wonderful friends who came to listen! This night was truly magical and we look forward to doing it again. We are still talking about midnight waffles that Valerie made for us after the show.

4/24/11 - Denver, CO - The Walnut Room Pizzeria
This pizza joint is an offshoot of the notorious Denver music venue The Walnut Room. You can't go wrong with good pizza, beer and folk musicians crooning down at you from stage that resembles a go-go cage high above!




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