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RIYL: Patrick Wolf, Bon Iver, Gomez & More!

Golden Bloom publicitiy photoMusic is a finicky business. It's one of those things many people are so particular about that offending someone's taste in music is fairly easy. We may be so picky about our artists and bands that we ignore someone's suggestion, only to start listening to the band months later and wonder why we didn't listen to them earlier.

 Here at Green Light Go, we're fans of music; we don't just limit it to our roster of artists. This week, there are new releases of some bigger bands we've been looking forward to. And, because it's music, you can always find similar artists, because you can never have too much music in your life.

Patrick Wolf's Lupercalia was released on Monday, June 20, his latest album since 2009. If you're looking for similar upbeat, pop-sounding songs with a hint of electronica, check out Golden Bloom and their song, "E.H.M.," or try Oy Vey's "White Lies ".

Bon Iver is known for being able to make their audience listen intently to their music and having a captivating yet soothing acoustic guitar. Armand Margjeka's song "Alive" is in the same category. The lyrics, the acoustic guitar and his vocals create a wonderful image. His album Margo Margo comes out on August 9. If you're a fan of Liam Finn and his new album Fomo, Margjeka fits the ballot there, too.


Whatever's On Your Mind is Gomez's latest album and, as always, their sound spaws acoustic/rock/blues/edgy rock. If you're a fan of their song "Blind," give Baby Teardrops's "Smooth Sailing Ahead" a listen.



YACHT is harder to define music-wise. With their latest album, Shangri-La, it's easy to hear the danceable beats in their songs; both Botanical Bullets' "Fantastic Romantic" and The Qualia's "Guess I Lied" give listeners just that: a danceable electronic sound while still carrying a good melody.






So, if you're looking for a fix of new music to add that spark on your iPod this week, any of these artists will definitely do the trick!

Every week, we'll tell you about a few of our favorite records coming out for the week and a few of our bands that we recommend if you like. Not as a, "Hey, this band sounds exactly like that band," but as more of a, "As a music fan, you might enjoy something similar."

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