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RIYL: Los Campesinos!, Caveman, and Tegan and Sara

RIYL is back this week with releases from a great set of bands that are just in time for the upcoming winter months, including personal favorite Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! is releasing their fourth full length album in four years. They've been a crazy productive band in their few years of existence and one of my all time favorites. They've got a certain spunky, artsy, British indie punk feel to them that's hard to pin down and hard to ignore. I was dumb enough to miss them at the Magic Stick when they played a few years ago and I promised myself I won't let that happen again. While we don't have anyone with quite the same sound as Los Campesinos!, I think Ross and the Wrongens' Britpop melodies and the rocking, swinging Bear & Moose will be nice additions to your playlist in the meantime. You can download FREE MP3s from both artists' over at their pages!


Up next is CMJ superheroes Caveman. Up until CMJ a few weeks ago, I hadn't heard of them, but they apparently performed well enough to start making waves in the indie rock world. The singles they've released are moody, sweeping and psychedelic. I'm excited to see what they'll do over the next coming months. Here at GLG, The Valery Trails have that same sort of moody guitar work to tide you over until Caveman's album is released. Check out their single, "Horizon", and pay attention as we get set to release their record Ghosts and Gravity



Last up is Tegan and Sara. Now, if you haven't heard of them, you've probably been under a rock for the past few years. They're set to release their live CD/DVD Get Along. They're one of the first bands that really started my love of female vocalists. I've never had the pleasure of seeing them perform, and while this CD/DVD set probably won't make up for that fact, I'm sure it's a good place to start. While you're waiting for that, be sure to listen to Abbie Barrett and the Last Date.


Added bonus! With the release of R.E.M.'s Greatest Hits compilation, I thought it would be fitting to mention them and Ed Hale, whose first big performance was opening for them in Atlanta, Ga.

You can hear all these and more over at Spotify!

  1. Los Campesinos! - "Hello Sadness"
  2. Ross and the Wrongens - "Summer Sun"
  3. Los Campesinos! - "The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future"
  4. Bear & Moose - "I'm Back"
  5. Caveman - "Old Friend"
  6. The Valery Trails - "Horizon"
  7. Tegan and Sara - "Hell"
  8. Abbie Barrett & the Last Date - "Draw Me In"
  9. Tegan and Sara - "Call it Off"
  10. Kaki King - "Bone Chaos in the Castle"
  11. R.E.M. - "Nightswimming"
  12. Ed Hale - "Thoughts of California"


Every week, we'll tell you about a few of our favorite records coming out for the week and a few of our bands that we recommend if you like. Not as a, "Hey, this band sounds exactly like that band," but as more of a, "As a music fan, you might enjoy something similar."

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