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RIYL: Andrew Bird, Good Old War, Bowerbirds, And More!

Another round of RIYL means another round of great musicians and their upcoming albums. Springs around the corner, and I think these albums will be a great way to usher us in to some warmer weather. This week, we look at releases from Andrew Bird, Good Old War, Bowerbirds, and others!




I can't stop saying enough great things about Andrew Bird. Musically, I must say I'm just a little jealous that he seems to be able to play just about any instrument he comes in contact with. His new album is called Break It Yourself. I've had a chance to hear a few singles off teaser EPs and radio shows like NPR's All Songs Considered. Needless to say, I'm really excited for this one. While you're anticipating this release as much as I am, be sure to check out Guy Capecelatro III, who just released his latest album, North for the Winter.



Up next is another favorite of mine - Good Old War. From what I can tell, they've been real busy touring and releasing albums, but thankfully the albums they release are always good tunes. What I've come to expect from them are good, light-hearted tunes that you can hum along and relax to. Their new album is called Come Back As Rain, so be sure to look out for it! While you're anticipating that, give Golden Bloom a few spins. Musically, Golden Bloom is definitely more in the powerpop camp, but they both write great songs to sing (or hum) along to! You can also catch Golden Bloom on tour with Michael J Epstein and Neutral Uke Hotel!



Bowerbirds are also set to release their third album, The Clearing, on Tuesday. It's currently streaming on Stereogum, so I had a chance to listen to it all the way through, and their specific brand of affecting and intriguing indie folk kept my attention all the way through. It'll be interesting to see what everyone else thinks of it, but they won me over. Perhaps I'll have to see them next time they come to Detroit. While you're waiting to pick that one up, why not check out our own Gwyneth & Monko? They're on tour as well, so check your local listings!


Alright, you caught us. We don't actually have artists that fit the sound of Xiu Xiu or White Rabbits, but they will both be releasing records this week as well. I figure they're both on my radar, so they should be on yours too!

Listen to the whole thing over here!

  1. Andrew Bird - "Eyeoneye"
  2. Guy Capecelatro III - "Switch"
  3. Andrew Bird - "Plasticities"
  4. Good Old War - "Calling Me Names"
  5. Golden Bloom - "You Go On (& On)"
  6. Good Old War - "My Own Sinking Ship"
  7. Bowerbirds - "Beneath Your Tree"
  8. Gwyneth & Monko - "Down"
  9. Xiu Xiu - "Dear God, I Hate Myself"
  10. White Rabbits - "Percussion Gun"



Every week, we'll tell you about a few of our favorite records coming out for the week and a few of our bands that we recommend if you like. Not as a, "Hey, this band sounds exactly like that band," but as more of a, "As a music fan, you might enjoy something similar."

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