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Wild Skies Announces April 14 From Far Below Album Release

The upcoming release from Wild Skies, From Far Below, captures the heartbeat of Chicago wrapped neatly in between big harmonies and simple bouncing percussions that move each new story. From Far Below, recorded at IV Lab Studios with Chris Harden (The Plain White T’s, Hard Working Americans), is due out on April 14. The first single “Fumes & Faith” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Very few bands bring together a classical jazz player, an opera singer, a prog rock guitarist, and a Bob Dylan cover band drummer to start making Americana music. Wild Skies is a musical melting pot of ideas and influence. Songs like “Black Water” showcase the soaring vocals of Kristine Sorum-Williams, complete with slithering, melodic harmony and foot-stomping rhythms. Elements of jazz and gospel make their way into “On My Mind” which features even more harmony and a soulful Hammond B-3 solo.

“Fumes & Faith” is a song that comes from a place of frustration. Scraping together to pay the rent as the “L” shakes the apartment walls can push a relationship to its breaking point. In one moment everything can change, but no matter what, the sun still comes up tomorrow. Singer and guitarist Aaron Lechlak explains, “Several years before we were married, we had just moved to Chicago and were living together for the first time. Neither of us were happy with our personal situations and we sort of took it out on each other. The tension was really building up and it almost did us in, but eventually we realized that we had each other and we were going to support each other through whatever came along. The idea of ‘Fumes and Faith’ is when you find yourself exhausted with nothing left, being able to lean on someone for help to get through.”

From Far Below Track Listing

  1. Fumes and Faith
  2. Stay Here Now
  3. Please Take Me Back
  4. Black Water
  5. Spokane
  6. Carry On
  7. Heaven Help Us
  8. On My Mind

About Wild Skies

Wild Skies is a Chicago band made up of Aaron Lechlak (vocals, guitar), Kristine Sorum-Williams (vocals), Tommy Good (vocals, double bass), and Andy Kearns (percussion). They have opened up for Humming House and The Crane Wives. Their upcoming album, From Far Below, was recorded at IV Lab Studios with Chris Harden (The Plain White T’s, Hard Working Americans).

Tour Dates

Feb 11th - Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge
Feb 12th - Dekalb, IL - House Cafe

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