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Wes Youssi Releases New Outlaw Country Single, “Crazy Train”

Wes Youssi offers the whiskey drenched heartache single off of his upcoming album, Down Low, due out January 19 on Never Lucky Records. Just like friction fueled relationships, “Crazy Train” is locomotion going off the rails or a blazing wildfire. They can’t always be forced, rushed, or controlled, but often run their course and settle into a smolder.

Youssi has seen his share of cups flying, plates crashing, and anything that wasn’t nailed down to the kitchen countertop. Some families fight and argue, but there is purpose to the exchange. The honest guitars and soothing lap steel of “Crazy Train” slide between stories that challenge the idea of a perfect marriage. Youssi explains, “I’ve always felt that relationships are like forests; they have to burn down every five years in order to generate new growth. As hard as it is to disagree, you get nowhere concealing your emotions. The song is a conversation to a spouse, a summary of the arguments, admission of fault, and finally an acknowledgment of the positives.”

About Wes Youssi

Wes Youssi is a singer-songwriter from Portland, OR. Before that, he spent a considerable amount of time living in the Midwest where much of the inspiration for his song and craft developed. Youssi released an EP in 2015. His debut full length album is due out January 2018 and is being released on Never Lucky Records.


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