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Wes Youssi Announces January 19 Album Release

The upcoming outlaw country album from Wes Youssi, Down Low, is a freight train speeding past an iconic stretch of Americana coastline. It is the cathartic product of bar room brawls, unexpected lay-offs, a marriage, raising children, moving across the country, and unknowingly purchasing a police cruiser. The album, due out January 19, is being released on Never Lucky Records. The first single, “High Time,” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

Music is a transcendent and experiential process for Youssi. The songs and melody possess him in a way that demand attention as a daily medication. Down Low was inspired by loneliness, isolation, and channeling buried emotions. Youssi feels at ease in isolation and makes a solitary retreat to write his music. He explains, “When I was young there was no one to play with so it was just me and the woods. You get used to the sounds, and come to realize that sound equates to space...the distance between you and something else further out in the world.” That sacred silence creates a creative space where Youssi finds muse, somewhere in the stillness.

“High Time” is euphoric day-dreaming with intention. The charged-up soundscape and punchy vocal melody are frustration finally taking a stand. If Hank Williams and Pokey LaFarge led a union strike, then “High Time” would be their anthem. Youssi knows that there are so many times when people feel trapped, empty, and downright worthless. Many people work for poor wages just to hold onto the dream inside of their hearts. “High Time” bites back at the disrespect from authority figures who have grown so disattached that the rules no longer apply. Picture Johnny Cash playing at Folsom Prison to spite the warden. Youssi sees how privilege and respect dance to a different beat, so he wrote a song to even the score.

Down Low Track Listing

  1. Ready To Run
  2. Cadillac Man
  3. Crazy Train
  4. Southbound Train
  5. High Time
  6. Some of What We Used to Do
  7. Green Dream
  8. I Ain’t a Quitter
  9. Down Low
  10. Everything’s Blue
  11. Down in a Bottle
  12. Champ Boogie


About Wes Youssi

Wes Youssi is a singer-songwriter from Portland, OR. Before that, he spent a considerable amount of time living in the Midwest where much of the inspiration for his song and craft developed. Youssi released an EP in 2015. His debut full length album is due out January 2018 and is being released on Never Lucky Records.

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