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VanWyck Releases New Indie Folk Single, “Listen to You Breathe”

Amsterdam singer songwriter, VanWyck releases the new single, “Listen to You Breathe” off her upcoming album. Captivating and hauntingly atmospheric, the song delves into the dark excitement of creation: Melodious whispers and gentle keys chase that something that is tantalizingly close and yet always out of reach. Combining the sensual with the mystical, VanWyck circles the mysteries of love, life and creation. The album, An Average Woman, is due out January 19 on Maiden Name Records.

On “Listen to You Breathe” varying rhythms dance between verse and chorus, tenderly igniting a push and pull of discovery. Accompanied by the award-winning bass player and arranger Reyer Zwart, lyrics and instrumentation intertwine in a tender sway of ebb and flow within the conversational narrative. VanWyck calls on the metaphysical inspiration of John Donne’s poem, Go and catch a falling star, while Zwart’s string arrangements reach into the heavens and delicately rain down. A hasty cadence drifts on the edge of breathlessness, as VanWyck punctuates her almost stumbling sentences with purposeful conviction. She explains: “In a way, this song is about my secret love affair with songwriting. I love it so - but it’s something I can not control. I have to surrender myself to it and let it lead me into unchartered territory. Since I’m not the surrendering type, this is always a bit of a battle.”

About VanWyck

VanWyck’s push to reach higher formed into an eclectic musical background that has included training as a classical pianist, becoming a keyboard player and one of the first female rappers in the Netherlands in a jazz dance band, and being half of a trip hop duo. VanWyck launched a year-long project called One Song A Week after releasing her debut solo EP Tanned Legs, with the lead single “The Daughter” lauding critical acclaim from KCRW’s Chris Douridas in 2016. “An Average Woman” has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlist. An Average Woman Theatre Tour is planned for 2018-2019.


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