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Treehouse Sanctum Announces May 5, 2017 Album Release

The upcoming release from Denver band Treehouse Sanctum, Vivere, is a nod to the innocence of youth and a symbolic sanctuary within which creativity is allowed to flow freely. The album, co-produced by Grammy nominated engineer Nick Sullivan (Dispatch, Los Lobos) and mastered by Grammy winner Jonathan Russell (Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson) is due out on May 5. The first single “Chacala” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

The ¾ timing of “Chacala” creates a rhythmic waltz for each instrument to dance around. Complete with a host of instrumentation including an accordion and bright trumpet solo, the song tells the story of singer and guitarist Sam Rymer. At the age of 20, Rymer drove to a small Mexican village on the Pacific called Chacala. While there, he built a house for a local family and learned to surf at night. One crystal clear night he swam out a half mile and floated alone in the calm darkness. The ebb and flow within “Chacala” places the listener next to Rymer in the middle of the Pacific on that warm starry night.

Vivere means, “to live,” in Latin. It is an album of new hope and the pursuit of what lies ahead, while enjoying all that is in the present. “Nashville”, a song that could fit perfectly into the CMT show of the same name, tells the story of singer and keyboardist Danya Lynn Uptegrove as she tried to make a living there at a very young age. Other, more historic songs, like “Pilot & Crew” tell the true story of Lt. D. Rymer (S. Rymer’s grandfather) and his crew of nine aboard Buffalo Gal, on her last flight in WWII. Vivere is complicated yet joyful; it is full of cohesive instrumentation and raw narratives and that ebb and flow with hope.

Vivere Track Listing

  1. Jack and Jane
  2. Nashville
  3. Chacala
  4. Rest of Me
  5. Daydream
  6. Vivere
  7. Pilot & Crew
  8. Play It Cool
  9. Winter Wind
  10. I Used To Know
  11. Shebiy

Tour Dates

04/08/17 Ophelia's Electric Soapbox Denver, CO
06/03/17 Denver Chalk Art Festival Denver, CO

About Treehouse Sanctum

Treehouse Sanctum is from Denver, CO. It was formed in 2011 by Sam Rymer (guitar, vocals) and Danya Lynn Uptegrove (vocals, keyboard). The band expanded in 2013 with Andrew Horwath (drums) and again in 2015 and 2016 with the additions of Jeremy Gleason (lead guitar), Dewayne Rymer (trumpet, keys), and Ben Slaughter (bass). Treehouse Sanctum released their debut album, Shake the Shadow, in 2014. Their upcoming release, Vivere, was co-produced by Grammy nominated engineer Nick Sullivan (Dispatch, Los Lobos) and mastered by Grammy winner Jonathan Russell (Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Jewel). They have played with Mumford & Sons, The Flaming Lips, and Dawes.

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