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Toy Bombs to Release "Will Work for Free" EP on November 15th

Toy Bombs Press PhotoToy Bombs are serious about music. Their fun, garage pop sound may seem to belie this fact, but making music is not a whim for Cole Barnson (guitar, vocals, bass, percussion, harmonica) and Brandon McBride (guitar, keyboards, vocals, bass, percussion, drums, harmonica, effects), who manage and book shows for themselves as well as run a label, Flat Top Records, and live in their own recording studio. "We simply have the same work ethic anyone else would have in their fields of work," says Barnson. "We want to be in music because it is what we are good at, not because it's an easy way to money and fame". It should be no surprise then that their second EP should come with the tongue in cheek title, Will Work for Free. "Now days, especially in the music industry, people expect things for free," says McBride. "For some reason it is deemed socially acceptable for people to steal music. People want music, both recorded and live, for nothing. We are asking the questions, 'Is this really what you want from musicians? Is what we have to offer really worth nothing?'" Will Work for Free is worth paying for, with songs that manage to cover cowboys, parenting, addiction and the degradation of society equally well and in a package that is bursting with energy harnessed from their always worth catching live show. Will Work for Free will be released nationally November 15, 2011.

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