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Three For Silver Announces September 1 Album Release

The upcoming album from Portland trio Three For Silver, The Way We Burn, plays like a dark cabaret of showstopping numbers from a twisted Disney musical that doesn't have the good sense to actually exist. The album is due out September 1 on Foggy Night Records. The first single, “Down in the Cut” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

The production of The Way We Burn brought the band to extremes, spanning the birth of a child, and even the end of two relationships. The album’s shifting instrumentation and irrepressible personality bubbles out of a dark swamp with a smooth and confident swagger. The band collaborated with engineer Adam Lansky to create an album that could capture the collective's freewheeling nature; from Lucas Warford's growling vocals and one-of-a-kind basses (including a handmade 5-string Banjo Bass, Contrabasin, and 5-string Resonator Bass), to Willo Sertain's haunting melodies, to Greg Allison's deft arrangement. Every song was treated as a world unto itself, and the recording spaces were chosen around them. Just as the band finds inspiration in the overlooked, downtrodden, and forgotten, Lansky brought these recordings to life by finding similarly misfit spaces. From an abandoned piano warehouse at four in the morning, to an old river house in Washington, to even a museum on top of Columbia Gorge, every song is an invitation, a gateway to another time and place. 

“Down in the Cut” is an anthem for all those who live on the margins, in between the cracks, who hustle to survive another day, and who don’t easily fit into life’s pattern. It was inspired by the book Tropic Death by Eric Walrond, specifically his evocative writings on the Panama Canal Zone. It's a tirade from an unusually philosophic thug to those who have crossed him. The song is propelled by the metallic thump of Warford's custom resonator bass, and his jarring vocals.

The Way We Burn Track Listing

  1. This Time Tomorrow
  2. Evening Shade
  3. Down In The Cut
  4. Wildwood
  5. The Way We Burn
  6. Time Was
  7. Devil On My Shoulder
  8. Take Me Away
  9. Let ‘Em Down Easy
  10. She Hung The Moon
  11. Get Thee Hence
  12. Light In The Shade

Tour Dates

06/17/17 Portland, OR Mississippi Pizza Pub
06/23/17 Port Angeles, WA Metta Room
06/24/17 Anacortes, WA Brown Lantern
06/25/17 Bothell, WA McMenamins Anderson School Hotel
07/07/17 - 07/09/17 Veneta Oregon Country Fair
07/13/17 Hillsboro, OR Mcmenamin’s Rock Creek Tavern
07/14/17 Portland, OR Alberta Street Pub, Russian Federation
07/16/17 - 07/22/17 Portland, OR Al’s Den
07/26/17 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
07/27/17 Portland, OR McMenamins Gearhart Hotel
07/28/17 Washougal, WA OnionFest 2017
07/29/17 Battle Ground, WA Northwood Public House
07/30/17 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge, Summer Patio Series
08/03/17 Bothell, WA McMenamins Anderson School Hotel
08/05/17 Anacortes, WA Brown Lantern
08/10/17 Hillsboro, OR Mcmenamin’s Rock Creek Tavern
08/17/17 - 08/23/17 Big Summit Prairie, OR Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017
08/24/17 Seaview, WA Sou’wester Lodge

About Three For Silver:

Three For Silver is made up of three core members, Lucas Warford (lead vocals, bass banjo, resonator bass, contrabasin), Willo Sertain (lead vocals, accordion), and Greg Allison (violin, mandolin). They put out their first self-titled album in 2013. Their second album, Bury Me Standing, was released in 2015, and have released two live EPs within that time as well. Their upcoming album features a diverse instrumentation and style. It was engineered by Adam Lansky and is being released on Foggy Night Records this September.


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