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This Way to the EGRESS Releases New Cabaret Pop Single,”Rollin’”

This Way to the EGRESS, announces the robust swing-style single “Rollin’” off of their upcoming album, Onward! Up A Frightening Creek, due out September 22. Beginning with a hasty piano lick, the track quickly tiptoes into a resilient feminist-fueled roller coaster of tempo changes and dream-like instrumentation. “Rollin’” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“Rollin’” is a fierce lyrical blend of feelings and reproaches toward the modern day church and our society from the perspective of singer Sarah Shown. She explains, “I wrote this song from a place of feminism. It is my perspective of living in a male’s world and it ultimately touches on how the church, religion and our society put women in a very specific box. How despite the “progress” we have made there is still a tremendous amount of pressure for women who are assertive and strong-willed in a man’s industry/world.” With the aggressive grand piano and ragtime tempo tumbling into an underwater dream world, the echoes of Shown’s voice and the timeless Fender Rhodes seduce you while the track provokes a sonic journey through her thoughts and beliefs.

About This Way to the Egress

This Way to the Egress began in 2008 as a three piece and a circus. They have since dropped the sideshow of dancers to focus on the music. The band has released three full length albums, with a fourth set to be released this September - This Delicious Cabaret (2011), Mighty Seed (2013) and Great Balancing Act (2015). They have also released several EPs in between. The band is made up of Taylor Galassi, Sarah Shown, Joe Lynch, Jaclyn Kidd, John Wentz, and Nick Pecca.

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