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This Way to the Egress Announces September 22 Album Release

The upcoming album release from This Way to the Egress, Onward! Up A Frightening Creek, is like a smoky gaze into a crystal ball. Cabaret and baroque pop marry in an organic arrangement and unified chorus of sounds. The album is due out September 22. The first single, “See No Evil” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“See No Evil” is an anthemic mixture of sights and sounds wrapped into an infectiously sweet melody. From the sing-a-long style chorus to the melancholy piano waltzing back and forth between Joe Lynch’s warm trombone section, the entire song was inspired by a former member. Pianist, violinist, and singer Sarah Shown explains, “We are often told over and over again in our industry that there isn’t room for what we do because we are too different. This is kind of our big ‘eff off’. We are in it together and we aren’t going anywhere. We aren’t sorry for being different because it is what makes us stronger, a concept that seems to be lost in our country right now.”

Onward! Up A Frightening Creek embraces those differences and finds a common thread. As their fourth studio album, EGRESS has embodied a sound they feel represents all members involved. The album takes off with “Voodoo,” a swinging New Orleans-style slow drag rhythmically goosed along by the tuba of John Wentz. Sarah Shown’s ragtime piano and Nick Pecca’s hip hop drum accents while Taylor Galassi delivers a story about the struggles of writing. “Southbound” brings to mind a synth pop cowboy anthem with Jaclyn Kidd’s longing slide guitar; it looks into the glum trials and tribulations of life, but comes away with a stirring ‘dance the night and your problems away’ disco finale.

Onward! Up A Frightening Creek Track Listing

  1. Voodoo
  2. Whiskey On My Grave
  3. Cinematic Savior
  4. Mark Of The Beast
  5. Chopped Down
  6. See No Evil
  7. Rollin'
  8. Ode to Bukowski's Women
  9. Nelly Mae
  10. All We Have, We Give To You
  11. SW. (untitled intro)
  12. Southbound
  13. Going Home (Again)

About This Way to the Egress

This Way to the Egress began in 2008 as a three piece and a circus. They have since dropped the sideshow of dancers to focus on the music. The band has released three full length albums, with a fourth set to be released this September - This Delicious Cabaret (2011), Mighty Seed (2013) and Great Balancing Act (2015). They have also released several EPs in between. The band is made up of Taylor Galassi, Sarah Shown, Joe Lynch, Jaclyn Kidd, John Wentz, and Nick Pecca.

Tour Dates

07/08/17 Easton, PA, One Centre Square

07/14/17 Romulus, MI, Motor City Steam Con

07/15/17 Romulus, MI, Motor City Steam Con

07/16/17 Romulus, MI, Motor City Steam Con

07/29/17 Frederick, MD, Cafe Nola

07/30/17 Wildwood, NJ, Dogtooth Bar & Grill

08/04/17 Atlantic City, NJ, 8th Annual Elephant Talk Indie Festival

08/05/17 Bethlehem, PA, The Funhouse

08/10/17 Bristol, UK

08/11/17 Winchester, Hampshire UK

08/12/17 Deal, Kent, UK

08/13/17 London, UK

08/26/17 Branford, CT

08/27/17 Putnam, CT, The Stomping Ground

09/02/17 Hannibal, MO, Big River Steampunk Festival

09/03/17 Hannibal, MO, Big River Steampunk Festival

09/22/17 Philadelphia, PA, kung Fu Necktie

09/29/17 Galena, OH, Mudflats Bar and Grill

09/30/17 Columbus, OH, Victory’s Live

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