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The Yorks Releases New Indie Rock Single,”Parking Lots”

LA duo, The Yorks, announce the single “Parking Lots” off the upcoming release of their debut self-titled EP. Recorded by Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen (Gardens and Villa), the track is a carefree psychedelic heartbeat complete with shimmering falsettos. “Parking Lots” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“Parking Lots” has an infectiously bouncy upbeat melody that hides a much darker meaning. Singer and guitarist George Azanza explains, “We focused on the carnal aspect of human nature, deep in the reptilian parts of all of our brains. The song follows a man who is particularly involved in his own predatory instincts on a single night, and we delved into the idea that he is dangerous to others as well as himself.”  

The steady drums and walking bass line, in combination with sweeping wind-chime guitar chords help to paint the picture of an empty parking lot extending into the still hours past midnight. A staccato vocal arrangement dances around the falsetto layers to extend those hours into the infant light of the morning, complete with buzzing, flickering street lights.

About The Yorks

The Yorks is made up of the multi-instrumentalist duo George Azanza and Louis Richard IV. They are based out of Los Angeles. Their debut self-titled EP was recorded by Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen (Gardens and Villa) and is due out on August 18.

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