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The Wild Honeypie Premieres Getaway Dogs' Single, "Papersoul II"

Santa Cruz based psych-folk band, Getaway Dogs, have a new single, "Papersoul II", and The Wild Honeypie is spreading the word. Check out their "Buzzing Daily" feature here and read what they have to say about the track. Read some of the highlights of the feature below. 


The single's many layers of sound blend together seamlessly, taking the listener on a psychedelic journey. 

"An expansive track surrounded on either sonic end by a twitchy bassline and echoing guitar twinkles..." 

Although the band is based in Santa Cruz, CA, the single embodies musical elements from places that expand beyond one single place. 

"This song could have come out of few places but Santa Cruz, a seaside town that prides itself on its Austin-or Portland-like weirdness, close enough to San Francisco to fully feel the force of its 1960’s psychedelia."

Be sure to listen to the single, "Papersoul II" release October 8. Follow Getaway Dogs on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify!

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