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The Wild Honeypie Buzzes About Belle of the Fall

Indie folk duo Belle of the Fall released their sophomore album, "Rise Up" on April 6th, and The Wild Honeypie gave a sweet review of its first single, "Rise Up". 

“Rise Up,” the namesake single off of indie duo Belle of the Fall’s new album, is a stirring, folksy power ballad. “Rise up, face the day with convictions from deep inside,” they urge the listener in ornate harmony. Sweetly woven strings and a driving groove provide a kinetic underbelly for the inspiring lyric. 

The duo does in fact create a powerful work of art by merging their two individual sounds together. The single lyrically exemplifis that power while staying true to their indie folk charm.

Take a glimpse of the review for yourself here, and be sure to find Belle of the Fall on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify

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