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The Valery Trails Announces August 5 Chameleon Bones Album Release

Atmospheric indie guitar rock channels shoegaze leanings and hints of alt-country to span the northern and southern hemispheres on Chameleon Bones, featuring tracks mixed by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish). The Australian-native band The Valery Trails, which includes members that are one part Houston-based and two parts Brisbane, will release their album on August 5. The first single, “OK” is approved as a downloadable mp3 for posting.

“OK” was recorded in what the band calls classic “trans-Pacific Valery Trails” style, starting as a demo in guitarist and vocalist Andrew Bower’s home studio in Houston, then travelling to Brisbane, Australia for Sean Bower and Dan McNaulty to track bass and drums. After bouncing back to the States, Bower recorded guitars and vocals in a local commercial studio.

All of the tracks on Chameleon Bones traveled many cross-continental miles before finding their final home. Each song went back and forth to Brisbane for final overdubs, which created some extra hurdles to cross. Bower explains, “The major obstacle, or more of a disadvantage, really, is that we don't get the benefit of everyone being in the room together to agree on decisions that come up during recording.” Sean, McNaulty and the engineer in Brisbane had to commit to bass sounds, drum sounds, nuances in drum patterns/arrangement etc. without Andrew being able to weigh in (and with no budget to re-record if he didn't like it). On the flip-side, this type of process avoids the temptation to work a minor issue to death at the expense of “freshness” in the recording process. Some of the songs on the album also come from old demos Andrew had done in the ‘90s. Songs like “Pop” and “Fall Around” add the additional span of time along with their geographical journey, making for a melting pot of ideas and sounds.

Chameleon Bones Track Listing

  1. OK
  2. Cordless
  3. Segue
  4. Doesn’t Have To Live There
  5. Chameleon Bones
  6. Pop
  7. Fall Around
  8. Hide (Cannot)
  9. Change My World

About The Valery Trails:
Originally from Australian, but now split across continents, The Valery Trails is made up of Andrew Bower (guitar/vocals), Sean Bower (bass), and Dan McNaulty (drums). Their debut album, Ghosts and Gravity was released in 2012, followed up by Buffalo Speedway in 2014. They have played with bands like Suicide Swans, The Stress of Leisure, SAFIA, Mia Dyson and Darren Hanlon.They have also received airplay on LA’s KROQ. The band’s third release, Chameleon Bones, is due out August 5.

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