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The University of Texas' "The Horn" Interviews Gangstagrass


A southern California kid who grew up listening to Run DMC during lunch hours and George Jones at home, Rench, the mastermind behind Gangstagrass, reveals the inspiration behind the blending of two distinct genres: bluegrass and hip-hop. “With those two backgrounds as big influences, I kept having ideas like, ‘what if I sampled a pedal steel loop on this song,’ and it just kind of grew in to blending [both genres] a lot.” Also in this in-depth interview, Rench discusses the recording process behind their album Rappalachia, the musicians who worked on the album and the similarities between bluegrass and hip-hop.

rench gangsta

Read the entire interview with the University of Texas' "The Horn" here!

Listen to three mp3s off their latest album Rappalachia below:

"Western" ft. Kool Keith mp3

"Shoot Dem" mp3

"Gunslinging Rambler" mp3



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