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The Temple News Gets to Know Gangstagrass!

Although fiddle players bumping elbows with MC’s might seem unusual, the collaboration is what hip-hop bluegrass band Gangstagrass is working with.

Rench, the band’s singer, guitarist, producer and overall mastermind, brought his band’s music to the Level Room on Market Street last Saturday night, Feb. 11. The crowd ranged from 20-somethings to the middle-aged. Regardless of age, people were bobbing their heads to the banjo riffs layered on top of pulsing beats. Joining Rench at the Level Room were rappers R-Son and Dolio the Sleuth. The pair met at Penn State and is familiar with the Philadelphia music scene.

Originally from California, Rench has called Brooklyn, N.Y. home for the past 15 years. Although surprising to some, he said he thrives on New York’s vibrant country scene where he meets musicians to collaborate with.

Read the whole interview here at The Temple News!

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