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The Soon-Another, Autodidact, due out Feb.11, 2014

The Soon-Another’s upcoming album, Autodidact, due out February 11, 2014, is the result of several years of focus.

The ten-song debut from the world indie pop band centers around what lead singer, Adele Fournet, describes as “the idea of waking up to the way the world is now and saying goodbye to our current culture.”
The songs delve into this theme in a dance like trance, gracefully maneuvering the subject matter with tribal beats and a determined worldly air in the absence of pretention or fear. The queenly “Empty Space” is a plea of sorts. The song was created after a ten day silent meditation retreat caused Fournet to face off with her own mind. In the song she calls for “clearing out an empty space in all this mental clutter for really seeing myself, seeing someone else, seeing each other.” The result is head noddingly haunting.

In 2010, Fournet made the journey from Arkansas to Lima, Peru to do work as an ethnomusicologist. Her participation in the local music scene as a keyboardist led her to Felipe Wurst, a guitarist known for his versatility.  The result of this meeting was the first song of their collaboration, “Like You Like”.

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Through a folky approach to songwriting combined with the sonic landscape of synth rock, “world indie pop” band The Soon-Another creates a distinctive sound that is undeniably provocative. Ears wide open to possibilities, the group drank in the sounds of the Lima music scene and US-based indie bands like Dirty Projectors, Tune-Yards and Fleet Foxes, among others. Their songs “Like You Like” and “Time Work” were included on the Melomanos II album of Peruvian bands, which was produced by Mamacha Records and distributed in all Starbucks throughout the country. As wonderful as Peru was to the group, they collectively voted on their next chapter and the road taken led to Brooklyn, New York. Joined by Peruvian bassist Sebastian Apolinario the band continues the adventure with a new drummer, Ofer Levy, an Israeli wunderkind who has slipped effortlessly into his role as stick man.


Praise for The Soon-Another

"This whole album is incredibly fun to listen to. The writing and structure of the song is absolutely outstanding, and is coupled with top-notch recording quality and great instrument tone across the board." —Tom Lohrmann                                                                             

"Their album AUTODIDACT displayed vast musical knowledge & play that carries an authentic tune rooted with culture, a Peruvian swing and a lot of living." —cYphIt                                                                             

"Ever wonder what you'd get if you took equal parts rock n roll, "pop" synth rhythms and funk? You'd get The Soon-Another... a musical experience that you will not forget!"—MY Indie Music Blog                                                                             

On Autodidact: "...the tracks presented on this album feel from the heart and gracefully original. The songs are fun, to the point, and are re-listenable." —MITNG                                                                             

"It's called Autodidact and every song is a breath of fresh air. Their sound has roots in jazz, motown, and rock and I feel like it appeals to a wide variety of listeners." —Infinity Beats


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