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The Qualia Releases New Synthpop Single, “Die In Slow Motion”

A high-energy new-wave summer dance track infused with rapid fire, mechanized synths, The Qualia releases the second single, “Die In Slow Motion” off the album, Cotillion Knives, due out August 12. Written as an energetic and anxious homage to the blood-soaked flamboyance of Italian horror films, the song tells a story of pool parties, great white sharks, and teenage frustration.

Retro synth bass and crunchy spaghetti western guitars set the scene in “Die In Slow Motion”: a suburban pool party thrown into surreal upheaval by the sudden appearance of a great white shark. Playing with the ironies in what people are willing to do for acceptance, the song balances the over-the-top imagery with real feeling. Singer and guitarist Lars Casteen recalls being an adolescent on the edge of popularity, saying, “In high school, I remember always hearing about ‘amazing’ parties after the fact, and the feeling of resentment for these people but also the fantasy of being there with them has stuck with me.” There might be a shark in every pool. The question is, who’s up for a swim?

About The Qualia

Brooklyn-based band, The Qualia, is made up of Lars Casteen, Chvad SB and Rossen Nedelchev. They have been writing and releasing music for the better part of a decade. Their first record, Nevada’s Greatest! (2007), Secret Weapon (2010), and the EP, Memorial Gore (2011) were all released on WTII Records. They have opened up for bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

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