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The Modern Airline Releases New MP3

Co-ed beauty captive of man-monster! Campus terror! Students victims of terror-beast! Brooklyn quintet, The Modern Airline have once again tapped into the inexhaustible well of vintage sci-fi movies for songwriting ideas and combined it with a sound not unlike classic 8-bit video game music.

This time around, it’s the catchy “Monster on the Campus,” inspired by the 1958 film of the same name. Lee Chabowski, songwriter, loved the movie as a kid. “ It was constantly played on Sunday afternoons.  In the song, I interpret the movie as a cautionary tale against drug use,” he says.  “As I kid I didn’t get this at all.  It was just about a caveman who throws an axe and hits a guy in the forehead with it.  Who could ask for more?”  Download “Monster on the Campus” now!

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