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The Modern Airline Releases MP3 Inspired by The Outer Limits “Accelerated Evolution” Available for Download Now

If the title of new-wave quintet The Modern Airline’s new single, “Accelerated Evolution” sounds like science fiction, that’s because it is. Lead vocalist and guitarist Lee Chabowski was inspired by an episode of The Outer Limits called “The Sixth Finger,” in which a scientist becomes obsessed with speeding up the evolutionary process. The Modern Airline turns this concept into a high-energy fuzzy guitar driven song that turns its pompous social misfit protagonist from a genius to a beer-swilling sports fanatic with just one punch. Punctuated with spacey synths at home in any mad scientist’s laboratory, the track is on the band’s self-titled debut and can be downloaded now here

The Modern Airline is as high energy as the band’s shows, and you’ll be checking to see if you’ve found an unreleased collaboration between Devo, The Moldy Peaches and Kraftwerk. Starting out with “Periods of Missing Time,” featuring bendy guitars, sci-fi effects and a deranged robotic delivery, the album flies through frenetic track after frenetic track, each one clearly designed to make you move. Ending on the spacey, chugging “Accelerated Evolution,” which was inspired by an episode of The Outer Limits, this album has a serious sci-fi pedigree and puts The Modern Airline in the realm of early B-52s or pre-kiddie rock They Might Be Giants.  

THE MODERN AIRLINE is a five-piece new wave band from Brooklyn, NY featuring lead vocalist and guitarist Lee Chabowski, bassist and vocalist Amy Brown, synth player and vocalist Margaret Chabowski, drummer Gary Langol and guitarist Seth Walter. Since their debut at Brooklyn’s Southpaw in late 2008, the band has built a loyal following playing in the New York City area. Their angular, spastic sound borrows equally from ‘80s new wave and ‘70s punk and hard rock, while soaring out into new territories. Twin tube-soaked guitars are pierced by synth, cut by space and propelled by kick and driving bass.

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