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The Incredible Vickers Brothers Release New Single, “In Memory”

An antidote for a broken heart, the new single from The Incredible Vickers Brothers, “In Memory”, captures a vintage boy-remembers-girl nostalgia like a cool drink tinged with a splash of bitterness. Through the soft-focus lens of 20-20 hindsight, a dreamy smooth saxophone, and vintage 1978 drum machine, the melody dances around a classic Bossa nova style with a velvet backdrop. The second single is off the album, Torch Songs for Swingers, produced by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels) and out on Mystery Lawn Music March 9.

“In Memory” changes the musical mood for the album, while maintaining its larger themes of frustration and self-reflection. Vickers had been playing around with jazz-based guitar chords that provided the smooth, swinging shift. He explains, “Allen had used a vintage drum machine from the late 70’s on something he’d done before and suggested trying it out for this song. I was initially skeptical, but I loved the quiet, warm foundation it gave the song.” Like a romantic gondola ride or evening under the stars, “In Memory” feels like a welcome embrace, although the lyrics tell a different pushing your date out of the boat.

About The Incredible Vickers Brothers:

The Incredible Vickers Brothers is the musical split personality of multi-instrumentalist Robert Vickers. He was bass player in the late 1980’s for psych-rock outfit Cerebral Corps, then by the ‘90s morphed into his role as drummer for The Orange Peels. He has worked with Allen Clapp who produced the 2008 album Gallimaufry. His upcoming album Torch Songs for Swingers is due out in March on Mystery Lawn Music.

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