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The Incredible Vickers Brothers Announces Power-pop Single “Mirrors”

The new single from The Incredible Vickers Brothers, “Mirrors”, revels in British flavored ‘60s pop-rock, roots based Americana, and hand clapping Surf City nostalgia. With infectious melodies puckering at the front of the pallet, the song finds deeper meaning in frustration and self-reflection. The single is off the album, Torch Songs for Swingers, produced by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels) and out on Mystery Lawn Music March 9. 

“Mirrors” pulses with luscious pop guitar hooks, a rock steady rhythm section, and sticky sweet vocal harmonies rounding out the Union Jack trifecta of sound. Vickers takes a soul-searching look into a personal mirror, and his lyrics reflect every angle. He deals with the same universal struggles that many face at different points in their life, singing, “Mirror, mirror might have known / this reflection won’t let me alone. You’ve shown all my cracks and creases / I should just smash you to pieces.” Seamlessly woven between the British Invasion is a brute honestly that resonates with a self-edit switch reminding people to treat others with respect.


There’s a poetic logic to the Incredible Vickers Brothers, and Torch Songs for Swingers is a road map to that answer. Written in Scotts Valley, California, where the Redwoods dominate local skylines, the album is a classic break-up or even mid-life crisis escape. Clapp’s production is an uninterrupted complement to Vickers’ flow. The classic “boy meets girl” story is drenched in relatable and familiar musical roots. Vickers jokes, “I haven’t bothered listening to much new stuff over this last decade but that’s the rule for people when they get older, isn’t it? I’m just following the rules.”

Torch Songs for Swingers Track Listing

  1. Mirrors
  2. Money Gonna Buy Me
  3. Faded Away
  4. In Memory
  5. Bleaker and Bluer
  6. Over and Out
  7. Blue Collar Cruel
  8. Walkabout
  9. Bored
  10. Hungarian Girl
  11. Wreck up Ahead

About The Incredible Vickers Brothers:

The Incredible Vickers Brothers is the musical split personality of multi-instrumentalist Robert Vickers. He was bass player in the late 1980’s for psych-rock outfit Cerebral Corps, then by the ‘90s morphed into his role as drummer for The Orange Peels. He has worked with Allen Clapp who produced the 2008 album Gallimaufry. His upcoming album Torch Songs for Swingers is due out in March on Mystery Lawn Music.


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