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The Good Graces Announces Indie Folk Single “The First Girl”

The new single from indie folk collective The Good Graces, “The First Girl” strikes an unflinchingly introspective chord that is both atmospheric and intimate. Combining a plaintive, utterly appealing vocal drawl and a raw, honest homespun warmth, the single is off the upcoming release, The Hummingbird EP, due out February 9, 2018 on Pretty New Songs.

Singer-songwriter Kim Ware approaches her music from a deeply emotive and genuine place. Discontent after the results of the 2016 election, she dove deeper into a more personal state of creative energy. Ware explains, “After the election, there was this feeling of looking around and wondering what people stood for. But it also made me look inward. It made me want to stand by my standards and beliefs, and ultimately, my truths. I’m finding it’s one of the few things that gives me any sense of control. When I'm down or confused about whatever's going on, in the world but also in my more insular, day-to-day, I still have music and my friends. I still have this means of expression that has helped me to better deal with things, and I still have this way of communicating and hopefully helping other people through some stuff, too.” Through Ware’s confessional lyrical style and starkly sincere singing, “The First Girl” seamlessly integrates a deftly layered evocative musical phrasing that captures authenticity with each new chord.

The Hummingbird EP is a postscript to the full length, Set Your Sights. It wanders the spectrum from sad to happy with a side-trip to just plain silly. “The hummingbird won't go from point A to point B in a straight line,” Ware points out. “They kind of jump around all over the place. But by the time they make it to point B they've probably gotten there in a more creative, thoughtful way. I've always identified with that.” That journey is evident in the songs on the EP, which elicit a new level of creative wandering. There’s a striking juxtaposition in “(I Should Probably Write a) Happy Song,” a fun, catchy number that dares you not to clap along to lyrics like, “all these tears in my name just make me feel like dying.” Each melody creates sonically lush beds for Ware’s longing and regret to roll around in.

The Hummingbird EP Track Listing

  1. The First Girl
  2. X My <3
  3. (I Should Probably Write a) Happy Song
  4. Waiting

About The Good Graces:

The Good Graces is an indie-folk collective based in Atlanta, GA formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter Kim Ware. They have several releases, including Sunset Over Saxapahaw (2008), Bring on the Tambourines (2008), Wildcat Creek (2012), Drawn to You (2013), Close to the Sun (2014), and Set Your Sights (2017). The Good Graces has opened up for the Indigo Girls, and has played official showcases at NXNE and the 30A Songwriters Festival. Ware won the Searchlight Indie Song Competition, and was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest. The upcoming release, The Hummingbird EP, is due out Feb. 2018 on Ware’s own Pretty New Songs imprint.

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