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The Corner Laughers Releases "Queen of the Meadow" Single

The Corner Laughers take listeners from the stellar to the stroller, from the galactic to the galactagogue, with their summery pop single, “Queen of the Meadow,” from Matilda Effect, due out June 12. Representative of the album’s feminist themes, it explores the overlooked work of astronomer Henrietta Leavitt as well as songwriter Karla Kane’s experiences as a new mother, combining the personal with the historical in one jangle-pop gem.

Inspiration for “Queen of the Meadow” came while Kane was home alone caring for her newborn daughter, listening to a public-radio science program discussing Leavitt’s underappreciated achievements. The song, with its playful reflections on the joys and fears of new motherhood, soon followed. As Kane says, “being responsible for the life of a brand-new little girl suddenly makes everything take on greater meaning.”


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