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The Corner Laughers Announce June 12 Album Release

The Corner Laughers announce the June 12 release of their upcoming surf-pop album, Matilda Effect. An intricate tale told through sun-soaked melodies and whimsical, intelligent lyrics, Matilda Effect touches on feminism throughout history, drawing on inspiration from Cleopatra to Henrietta Leavitt.

The album’s title, Matilda Effect, is a reference to the phenomenon of female scientists being overlooked in favor of their male colleagues. The band specifically mentions this concept in “Queen of the Meadow,” lead singer Karla Kane’s take on the female experience, from Leavitt's under-credited work in astronomy to her own role as a new mother. Kane’s daughter (with bandmate Khoi Huynh) was born during the making of the record and, as Kane says, “Being responsible for the life of a brand-new little girl suddenly makes everything take on greater meaning.”

These developments shine through in the songwriting, as Kane reflects with joy, fear, and wonder on her new daughter and identity as a mother. And while their previous record was California-centric, the new work takes a decidedly more worldly tone, with much inspiration coming from recent tours and trips to England, Berlin, and Scandinavia.

Despite the sometimes-weighty subject matter, the songs are delivered with charm and sing-a-long melodies to place the listener in the center of what could be a fairytale or Lewis Carroll story, set on a clear summer day in the California sunshine. “Fairytale Tourist” is an argument in favor of adventures and risk, with dreamy imagery and undeniable hooks. Bouncy, McCartney-esque “Octavia A” was written as a theme song for Kane and Huynh’s daughter, expressing their hopes for her future. “The Girl, America”, written by frequent collaborator and psych-pop expat Anton Barbeau, was partially inspired by an incident of perceived sexism from a radio D.J., while “Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)” eulogizes the world’s last passenger pigeon.

Matilda Effect Track Listing

  1. Fairytale Tourist
  2. The Girl, America
  3. Octavia A
  4. Queen of the Meadow
  5. Sophie in the Streets of Stockholm
  6. Midsommar
  7. Lammas Land
  8. Go Fly Your Kite
  9. Martha (Cincinnati, 1914)
  10. Good Hope



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