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The Bergamot Releases “Amy” Amy Winehouse-Inspired Song Available for Download Now

One year after her death, the shockwaves of Amy Winehouse’s death are still reverberating. In The Bergamot’s heart-rending "Amy", one can hear the pain, which addiction can cause for the addicted person’s loved ones. Fittingly, the song begins in A minor (Am, for short), and with solo acoustic guitar accompanying Jillian Speece and Nathan Hoff’s beautifully harmonizing vocals.

Hoff, who wrote the song, took inspiration from a family member’s descent into alcoholism and death. “Although I had no personal experience with Amy,” says Hoff, ”I did feel the same palpable pain and feeling of loss when she passed due to her relapse and final collapse to addiction and alcohol.” “Amy” takes the form of a love song from the perspective of the person who hopes their love can save the addicted person, but knows that they must ultimately let that person make their own decisions. The song is on The Bergamot’s upcoming LP, Static Flowers. Download “Amy” now. 

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  1. Paul, on Jul 24, 12:26 PM, wrote:

    Awesome release! love The Bergamot

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