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The Anatomy of Frank Debuts “Saturday Morning” From New Album, Pangaea as a Prelude to their Continent Saga

"The Anatomy of Frank blend the complexity of post-rock with the immediate likability of pop-rock to create music that will get stuck in your head without ever driving you crazy." —Pretty Much Amazing

Post indie pop band, The Anatomy of Frank, releases their new single “Saturday Morning” from the up and coming album, Pangaea (out July 16, 2013).  Pangaea is the beginning of The Anatomy of Frank’s continent saga: their plan to record an album on every continent.  Flatpicking guitar riffs paired with banjo in “Saturday Morning” undoubtedly stem from lead singer Woolard’s childhood near the Appalachian Mountains, representing the beginning of the band’s intrigue for exploration.

Listen to "Saturday Morning"

From 1pm until 5 in the morning,
The Anatomy of Frank’s members Erik Larsen, Jimmy Bullis, Chris Garay, Jonas Creason, Kyle Woolard and producer, Lance Brenner, had a particularly productive night: recording the bulk of the guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, banjo, and vocals.  Woolard describes the recording process as a “magical” experience. “Saturday Morning” takes listeners on a melodic journey through the highs and lows of a doomed relationship.  “The girl I was falling for sent out clear signals that the relationship would be a disaster,” says Woolard, “but I ignored them in the spirit of adventure.  I also knew that heartache would lead to more songs, so I went ahead with it.”

This is how the band absorbs inspiration for their music; as artists, The Anatomy of Frank plan to meet the world one continent at a time.  Each album will have its own personality, although no one knows what that will be yet.  The band shows its respect for fans all over the world by surprising them with strange concerts.  They have performed in a defunct grain elevator in northern British Columbia, a house show in the woods of Alaska, a tiny art gallery in the Arctic fjords of Iceland, and on the roof of a skyscraper in Minneapolis.

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