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The 405 Reviews Skinny Blonde's 'City Girls' EP

City Girls, The new album from the mind of Skinny Blonde is reviewed by the 405. Here's what Ian Hays has to say about it:

"City Girls explores this phenomenon of narcissism within artistic communities. While the lyrics and compositions often come off as tongue-in-cheek, the subject matter at hand and the weariness of Turzilli's voice help keep the tracks grounded. The overall sound of the album is a conglomerate of hip-hop, lounge, lo-fi, 'retro surf', with a sprinkling vintage video game electronic stylings - like something you would hear Porches or Javelin do. And there is no escaping Turzilli's baritone, bordering bass, vocals. His voice is weathered and in a way validates the playfulness of the music and lyrics."

Check out the full review here. Follow Skinny Blonde on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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