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Swedish Indie Pop Band Stars in Coma to Release Fifth Album, Midnight Puzzle on April 24

Midnight Puzzle, the fifth album from Swedish pop band Stars in Coma, is decidedly a nighttime record. With lavish textures and thoughtful lyrics, Midnight Puzzle explores themes that are best contemplated in the wee hours. Indeed, singer, songwriter and producer André Brorsson named the album after the stream of thoughts that occupy his mind at night. "Midnight Puzzle refers to all the weird thoughts you have when you're lying in bed at night," he says. "Trying to sort out those thoughts is like a puzzle to me." Midnight Puzzle will be released Apr. 24.

It's not a sleepy record, however. Bright piano, marimba, Latin and Afro-beats all pepper Midnight Puzzle surrounding Brorsson's New Wave vocals, giving the impression that the thoughts coursing through his brain aren't all drowsy.

Midnight Puzzle Track Listing

  1. And So
  2. Dismantle Your Heart
  3. Memory 1938
  4. Keller Club
  5. Unique Emotion
  6. Midnight Puzzle
  7. Peacebloom
  8. Apologizer’s Corner
  9. Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell
  10. Tuck Dales
  11. Magic Season

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