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Swedish Duo, Blind Lake, Releases Debut Album, On earth, June 9

Swedish duo, Blind Lake announces the release of their debut album, On earth, due out June 9, 2015. As the genres seamlessly interlace and meld into a cohesive mix anchored by the harmonies between Wenglén and Wieslander, On earth is like an exploration into the unknown: love, death, divorce and unconfirmed alien abductions-the everyday big stuff through a slightly distorted lens.

The album which could be best described as rootsy sci-fi, is like an invitation in time travel where the duo journeys through Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 70s style long, warm harmonies,The Carpenters’ melancholy and the melodic intimacy of Laura Veirs, while Wieslander’s rich baritone simultaneously bring to mind The National’s Matt Berninger as well as 90s new wave acts such as The Church. The approach to songwriting is much like an early scene in a sci-fi plot where the observable is still hazy until each clue appears to present vivid clarity. Wenglén says, “The songs never arrive fully formed. We try to keep them pretty shapeless and just mess around with them until we get those shivers down our backs.” This approach allows them to touch on a variety of genres including new wave, soul, folk and pop to circle their core with voices intimately intertwining into a slightly haunted, ruggedly elegant soundscape.

An intensely personal album delivered through the lens of the observer, each song delves into the individual experiences of Wenglén and Wieslander. Experiences which are universal to us all. “Cookie”, written shortly after Wenglén’s divorce from her wife, serves as anger therapy while “Lately” explores reaching the other side and the joy that surfaces as a result. “Fireblue”, “Walk Beside Me” and “There’s No Room in My Heart” chronicles Wieslander’s experiences with grief as he watched his brother pass away from cancer. Despite the weighty subject matter and subdued dark undertones, a lightness prevails throughout the album with the range of genres mimicking the range of emotions every human faces on any given day.

On earth Track Listing

  1. Cookie
  2. Fireblue
  3. Lately
  4. Tears on your collar
  5. Walk beside me
  6. Innocence
  7. There’s no more room in my heart
  8. Ocean drag
  9. Porcelain elephant
  10. Yeahsayer


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