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Suntrodden Announces February 5, 2016 EP Release

Indie pop act Suntrodden announces EP, Suntrodden I, due out February 5, 2016, with first single, “Sunrise to Sunset.” Suntrodden’s debut presents a love letter to stripped-down songwriting, giving listeners five tracks dedicated to capturing the raw passion of live tracking, and letting the beauty of the songs stand for themselves.

Intentionally minimalistic, these tracks were directly influenced by a sun-soaked epiphany at Bonnaroo, and by the birth of his son. “From a recording perspective, I was doing everything in house at volume levels acceptable to a newborn,” says Stephansson. This new condition created a wonderfully effective work environment, forcing him to consciously strip everything down to the barest necessities of songwriting. As such, the vocals are front-and-center, accompanied by the fanciful banter of backing guitars, shakers and tambourines. This formula allows Stephansson’s whimsical voice to shine, showcasing the power of simplicity and attentive songwriting.


“Sunrise to Sunset” holds true to the EP’s theme: everything was tracked straight through, and if Stephansson couldn’t play the instrument, it wasn’t used for the EP. A sunny, ‘verbed out lead guitar dances over an acoustic as Stephansson sings, “I’m gonna give you all I got/Give you all I am.” There’s a groove to this track, despite the absence of drums. Reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” the final stretch was intentionally layered with an arpeggiating guitar line to channel a similar, danceable energy. This song succeeds in the same way the entire album does, by presenting songs that are upbeat and vibrant, but at the same time affectionately bare.

Suntrodden I Track Listing

  1. Sunrise to Sunset
  2. Float Away
  3. It’s Never Over
  4. Come Alive
  5. Stay Gone

About Suntrodden
In 2013, about to become a father for the first time, Erik Stephansson was inspired to focus his songwriting on the new project. Revitalized with positivity, Stephansson channeled this energy into Suntrodden, the ideal vehicle for his dreamy indie pop. The double-tracked vocals of Elliott Smith, surreal daze of Beach House and melodic simplicity of The Beatles all inform his sound, but more important are his own experiences. Stephansson has played with artists such as Andrew Combs (by Rolling Stone - Artist to Watch) and Lera Lynn (True Detective Season 2), headlining these shows in both instances.


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