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Steph Barrak Announces February EP Release


Photo by M. Davidson-Schapiro

The upcoming release from Steph Barrak, Never Again, combines the heartfelt lyrics from an introvert’s Moleskine notebook with ethereal indie pop melodies and infectious nods to Motown. The EP, produced by Mike Davidson (St. Vincent, José González, Regina Spektor) at Plaid Dog Recording, is due out February 3. The first single “So Familiar” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.

“So Familiar” is a struggle between wanting to ignore broken memories and move on, while at the same time almost sadistically wanting them to continue. The varying time structure plays to the tension of an internal struggle. The transition from 4/4 time signature into the 7/4 of the bridge almost robs Barrak of breath, leaving her gasping for air. As the song’s swirling bright melody comes to an end, the emotional storm leaves Barrak trying to get through each mindless day, one step at a time.

Never Again is a collection of honest songs written with different emotions in mind. Barrak explains, “Sometimes, I end up writing a complete song that becomes more than just ‘me journaling’ and takes on a life of its own as almost a piece of art. I like to write from the heart and try to not to write to a specific genre.” The EP explores themes of loss, longing, endurance and acceptance to move on. Though sometimes, moving on can feel like drowning, which is exactly what Barrak explores in “Bad Habits,” complete with aching slide guitar. The title track “Never Again” is a more anthemic song with attitude and synth leads. Barrak steps into the spotlight from college coffee shop but doesn’t lose her roots along the way.

Never Again Track Listing

  1. So Familiar
  2. Never Again
  3. Bad Habits
  4. Like You Predicted

About Steph Barrak

Steph Barrak is from Boston, MA. Her debut album, Words To Break Your Heart, was released in 2013 and was produced by Mike Davidson (St. Vincent, José González, Regina Spektor). Her latest EP, Never Again, is due out on February 3. Davidson produces again while Steve Scully (drums), Lance Riley (electric guitar), and Annie Hoffman (bass) join in.

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