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Stars in Coma Release Single Inspired by Death of Broder Daniel Guitarist "Paint My Picture on the Thick Shell" MP3 Available Now

Sweden's Stars in Coma are experts at creating atmosphere. Their latest song, "Paint My Picture on the Thick Shell" is no different. With a dreamy ambiance constructed of layered synth, marimba, trip-hop bass, and muted R&B backbeat, you can almost picture the equally beautiful cinematic scene in a fantasy video game. It was a different, darker scene that André Brorsson, the singer, songwriter, and producer behind Stars in Coma, had in mind when he wrote the song. "It's a story about the guitarist, Anders Göthberg, in the legendary Swedish indie pop band Broder Daniel. He committed suicide a few years ago, and I wanted to write a song about it." Brorsson successfully walks the line between pop and groovy atmosphere with "Paint My Picture on the Thick Shell," creating the perfect song for nocturnal meditation.

"Paint My Picture on the Thick Shell" is on the upcoming album Midnight Puzzle, due out April 24. You can download the song here now!

André Brorsson has been making albums for friends since he was in high school, hidden away in his bedroom playing all the instruments himself.He draws inspiration from folk, rock, dance music and pop. Since he started making albums, the music has moved through periods of guitar dominated rock, disco and swooning romanticism, all of which come together in a perfect creative storm on the latest Stars in Coma release Midnight Puzzle. "Midnight Puzzle refers to all the weird thoughts you have when you're lying in bed at night. Trying to sort out those thoughts is like a puzzle to me. The songs suggested chord structures that were more sophisticated than anything I've done before. I almost went crazy making this album, but I'm proud of the production and the songwriting. It's a big step forward for me."


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