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Social Stance Saturday: November 6- Put That on Your Calendar (by Sean Pawling)

Sean Pawling spends his days playing trombone, guitar, singing and writing music. But beyond that, he is an advocate for getting involved and taking his involvement beyond just voting. He is an active member of his community and realizes that there are even just small ways to make a bigger difference this election season. If you've ever thought about what more you could do to help, his Social Stance Saturday blog post is extremely motivational and helpful. Read it below. 


November 6--put that on your calendar.  It’s Election Day. It’s a BFD.

A few weeks ago, Nickel & Rose told their story about why voting is so important. I’m here to just say it again- Voting is massively important for you, your audience, your community, heck, the world at this point.

November 6 is the day that we as artists and lovers of music can take to the next level many of the issues that we voice in our music. My tune, Rio Grande, coming out with my full album release in January, paints the picture of a women left with few choices in our current immigration system when all she wants is to be a contributing member of society in a place where she feels safe. It’s the stories like hers that are inspired by the undocumented people I know here in the US who struggle as they exist in a system that just plain doesn’t work.

My friends, we need to step it up beyond going to the polls. How can I do more than vote?

Volunteer for a candidate whom you support. 2018 was the first time I ever did anything like that. I felt a little intimidated about the whole thing, but I knew how important it was to step up my civic engagement game. With issues like immigration, climate change, wealth inequality, student loan debt, and criminal justice on the line, I knew I had to do a little bit more than just vote. I had to go out and help convince my community members that it was also important for them to vote for candidates who support their ideals.

Want to vote/help support candidates? Here are some concrete steps for you:

Make a plan for voting on November 6th. Where is your polling place? What time do you plan to go (pro tip--put it in your calendar right now)? Have you requested time off to vote (in California you are permitted to take two hours off of work to vote! Just request it from your boss ahead of time.)? How will you get to your polling place? Another pro-tip-- If you live in LA like I do, you can take Metro transit or bikeshare for free to your polling place.

Make it a family/friends affair. If you want to volunteer for a campaign, ask a friend to come with you! My wife was my buddy for my first foray into volunteering with a campaign. BTW, these campaign people will feed you! Give you coffee, donuts, pizza!

Give the campaign you are supporting a call ahead of time. They can help walk you through the process when you let them know this is your first time volunteering.

Take action and good luck!


"Rio Grande", Sean's single that he mentioned above, will be out on his upcoming album, Sunsinking, in January 2019. For now, listen to the first single "San Simeon" on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Keep up with Sean and his music on Facebook and Twitter as well!



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